We are Finnish forerunner in intelligent, real-time decision-making applications for vehicles, cars and industry. We develop technology that connects sensor data with steering and decision-making based on constant awareness over secure connections. Additionally, we offer consultation for developing customer-specific solutions.

Our technology enables combining data from different sources and deriving information from this data. This information is then used in decision-making to enable real-time steering of devices and processes. With the help of artificial intelligence, technology makes it possible for us to, for example, remotely steer and park a car without a driver. As to industrial process lines, our technology enables constant, monitored steering of the process line.

Our technology is developed to unite people, processes, and vehicles safely and in real time using AI. Ensuring secure data traffic is one of our core areas of product development. When a large amount of sensor data is connected over a data communications network, one must also create opportunities for secure data transfer. The integrity and reliability of network traffic are absolute necessities.

A proactive approach to solving customers’ problems formed the operating philosophy, and here the employees have, from day one, acted as the cornerstones for value production. Creating the latest technology for industry-leading customerships based on the best specialists and their process expertise has come naturally.

Since the early days, we have focused on internationalisation by broad-mindedly investing in technological development and international customer acquisition. Over the first five years, we have invested more than ten million euros in our own technology platforms by cash flow financing. Our first customers (including Sandvik and Nokia) created a basis for combining machines and data communications. This has enabled our current strategy.

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