Ranial Systems

We offer solutions that help near- real-time operation monitoring that is predictive as well as intuitive. Bringing machines and human operations together with intelligent process control, actionable insights and notifications – we ensure complete breakdown of silos that usually plague any business or operations process, thus ensuring a much higher efficiency and also highly collaborative, sustainable strategizing. Marrying the power of IoT with the efficiency of M2M, and integrating the advantages they provide with human -machine collaboration, we offer solutions that derive advance analytics to support much smarter and faster enterprise processes. These can be applied across industries to ensure optimization of resources and better collaboration through insightful process and service automation.

Ranial is the leading IoT solution provider converging the cognitive AI and Edge computing runtime. The patented design of the edge native platform offers a secure, flexible foundation for real-time process automation. The platform components can be optimized to aid time-to-value and speed-to-market strategies, adding incremental business values through continuous innovation in human-machine interactions. The solution is offered as a software-as-a-service(SaaS) and on-premise deployment as per the needs of our clients.


In any business environment, the biggest block is of lack of communicability between processes, often resulting in crucial teams working in silos. Efficient Machine to Machine communication ensures a perfectly balanced and coherent collation of data across process, irrespective of their location. Depending on the industry, M2M eliminates the need for unwarranted paperwork that takes up precious resources and time, using only technology in its place. With M2M deployments, all communications becomes seamless, on a single platform and easily identifiable. It is an asset for an increasingly data driven strategizing for all enterprises today, also helping enterprises integrate every aspect of their business around a single, enterprise-wide system.

This could be just the solution to enable leadership and strategy teams analyze the priceless data available to gather deep insights for all customers facing as well as internal processes.

Get Actionable Insights

Data drives enterprises today. More so data collated from real time processes, backend supply data or front end marketing data. Information culled from the processes and daily operations from an enterprise across verticals, is the information that helps derive its strategies. Applications and platforms that can place all of these on a single window and analyze the relevance of information, classifying it into significant and irrelevant, are essential for the intelligent organisation.

The insights derived from this data are a support system for almost all business processes today. they become even more key when their origins are real time situations, operations and hence, real life issues. The learnings there are immense and every enterprise needs this kind of insights for predictive as well as pre-emptive strategizing.

If Data is the king, analytics of that data is the king maker in today’s organisations.

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