MDxBlocks is a pioneer in using enterprise blockchain as the core data repository in digitalization projects, positioning our clients years ahead of the competition.

Gartner calls blockchain a transformational technology, the highest level of disruption. The real-time, clean, high-volume, multi-company data that blockchain provides takes technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to a level never before seen.

Besides the technologies mentioned above, MDxBlocks has extensive experience with integration to systems of record (e.g., ERP, CRM and SCM) and IoT device integration. We have been exploring the best uses for quantum computing in our lab.

Although our footprint is mostly in the Oil & Gas and Healthcare industries, we recognize digitalization is present and pressing in all sectors and companies; therefore, our services may be applied in any vertical.

As with any transformational technology before it, Enterprise Blockchain has the potential of creating a new generation of business winners and losers - Blockbuster and Netflix, anyone? This time around, the technology has B2B-focus, and is impacting industries not directly disrupted by the Internet.

Enterprise Blockchain is the ultimate inter-business collaboration technology. Even competitors will cooperate using Enterprise Blockchain projects to realize improved efficiencies averaging 35% and reduced manual interactions of up to 90%. Enterprise Blockchain will do for a consortium of companies what Enterprise Resource Planning did for individual companies.​

Hundreds of consortia have already advanced in creating game-changing solutions, and thousands more will be created in the next 10 years.

​MDxBlocks' vast experience in Enterprise Blockchain prepared us to guide our clients from the initial workshops and assessments, to prototype, pilot, consortium creation and governance, and finally to full-blown solutions. All the while, we provide expert advice in choosing the technology stack that fits each scenario.