CDO Technology

We leverage proven experience and asset management technology applications to provide state-of-the-art asset tracking and management solutions. We respond to customer requirements from initial asset management strategy development to the design, development, deployment, and sustainment of complete turnkey solutions.

CDO’s technology portfolio includes solutions that were conceived, piloted, and deployed to exploit significant improvements in AIT such as Unique Identification Marking (UID) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). We maximize your return on investment in these technologies by providing comprehensive management, technical, operational, and sustainment support necessary to derive the greatest benefits.

We integrate asset identification and asset visibility with your existing automated information systems and work with you to develop meaningful supply chain metrics, to define return on investment, refine your business processes to fully leverage new technology and improve supply chain performance.

Know exactly what you have and exactly where to find it with CDO Critical Asset Tracking Solution (CATS). When something goes missing, your entire operation comes to a halt until you find it. CDO understands the challenges behind tracking and accounting for critical assets. Record, track and find your assets with CDO CATS.

Get the information you need, when you need it, and keep your company moving efficiently. Become an active participant in your facility’s workflow by harnessing the power of CDO Optimizer. When data captured through radio frequency, barcode, and sensor networks, CDO Optimizer provides a layer of visibility that ensures operational accuracy. CDO Optimizer organizes enterprise data with automatic-identification visibility to create workflows with a new perspective.