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We work with partners that have some of the most innovative solutions.

Agile Connect

An agile business development system that empowers sales and marketing teams in every part of the process.


Innovative software development to help realize your vision and increase value.

Integration Edge

Helping organizations integrate their current systems while streamlining efficiency and control.

CDO Technologies

Leveraging experience and technology in providing state-of-the-art assets tracking and management solutions.

NVision IT

As an Oracle Gold partner, NVision IT provides custom development and integration solutions.

Rainbow Data

Our logisticans and engineers have extensive experience with designing, building and maintaining government and commercial control systems.


Tunabear Consulting makes it our business to know your business. We understand how important flexibility is to you.


Leaders in the industry equipped to design, deploy and support your digital transformation projects efficiently and cost effectively.


Process-driven project management can mean the difference between success and failure for multi-million dollar projects.

Open Source Ohio

Your resource for quality software applications that are freely available for private and commercial use.

Prodigo Solutions

At Prodigo, we are building Healthcare’s Marketplace leveraging the power of community intelligence to transform healthcare supply chain.

Ranial Systems

We offer solutions that help near- real-time operation monitoring that is predictive as well as intuitive.


We are Finnish forerunner in intelligent, real-time decision-making applications for vehicles, cars and industry.

Markrof Systems

Your resource for quality software applications that are freely available for private and commercial use.

MAC Automation

MAC Engineering Inc. and MAC Automation Inc. are engineering solutions providers specializing in hi-technology and capital-intensive industries.


MDxBlocks is a pioneer in using enterprise blockchain as the core data repository in digitalization projects.


Innovative Solutions That Provide a Quantum Leap Advantage in Technology.

Technology continues to advance at an ever increasing rate. We have resources that enable your organization to leverage those advancements.

Our Partner Network

Improving your organization with cutting edge technology requires solid relationships with a variety of partners. Through our partners, we are able to provide solutions that align with your business processes and goals.